Basketball resumes MAC play

On Friday, 1-6-17 the Bulldogs, who are frontrunners in the MAC, take on 4-3 Muscatine at home. Bettendorf is currently 5-2 with losses in only out of conference play, falling to Linn-Mar and United Township. However the team is currently proving itself to the state as it has taken down the at the time number three team in the state, North Scott.

Leading the team in scoring currently is senior Dylan Clearman with 74 points total. While Clearman does not lead in field goals, he is a landslide leader in three pointers with 13 this season. Senior Mark Kallenberger has 25 field goals, just barely inching past Clearman who has 24.

Kallenberger has the most rebounds with 45 and fellow senior Suni Lane is right behind him with 42. Lane has been quite the assister with 15 racked up and plays versatile with 43 points this season as well. One of the more interesting players is the only sophomore on the roster, DJ Carton. The first year varsity player is currently second in total scoring and has proved to be a pivotal player who has been well rounded this season.

Friday, Bettendorf faces off against Muscatine, who is sitting in the middle of the pack for the MAC. The player to watch tonight will be Muscatine’s Joe Wieskamp, who has been superb this season.

He currently has 207 points this season, which is more than Bettendorf's top three scorers combined. He bumps out Kallenberger’s 45 rebounds with 62 of his own. Wieskamp has been consistently amazing this season, averaging 29.6 points per game, almost tripling Carton’s 11 average points per game.

As the Bulldogs play at home against the Muskies, the team will have to shut down Wieskamp and not let him take over the game with his skill. Wieskamp could drop a sum of points on almost any team with his season low being 21 points in a game.

Overall, as the holiday break comes to an end, and the MAC resumes the intensity, the Bulldogs look to continue their domination of the conference with first shutting down Wieskamp and defeating a good team in Muscatine at home.


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