English department receives standing desks

The first standing desks in the high school arrived on Dec. 16, in English teacher Connie King’s room. King ordered the desks after being awarded a grant from the Bettendorf Schools Foundation for the desks.

Standing desks have been used in elementary schools to help enhance students’ concentration, and King wanted to try the desks in her classroom to see if standing would help students stay focused on the lesson.

“Some kids get restless trying to sit for an entire class period, so working at a standing desk gives them the chance to stand up and move but still work on classwork,” she said.

The desks feature a “fidget” bar, allowing students to rock the bar with a foot to burn off excess energy.

The desks arrived during a grammar class, and the junior students immediately wanted to try the desks.

Leticia Francisco said, “This is perfect for me. I get tired of sitting.”

Other students asked King if they could “have the desk(s) on Monday.”

“I envision students working on projects together at the desks. It’s much easier to stand to work in groups if there’s a solid surface to work on,” King said.

King plans to collect data on the students’ reactions to the desks as well as monitoring changes in focus and concentration during class.


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