How technology is making a brighter future

Technology affects everyone in their everyday life, the world is constantly changing. From medical advancements, to communication, to education the possibilities of learning are endless.

With advancements in technology it brings healthier lifestyles, meets global food demands, and increasing productivity within workplaces. According to the United Nations, global poverty has been cut in half during the past 20 years alone. Technology has affected this statistic in many ways including opening more jobs such as engineering, and all the other subclasses within engineering.

With these advancements, inventing has never became easier. Now you're able to pick up any device and create something of your own consisting of video games, apps, computer programs, etc. The possibilities are endless for children, adults and even older people.

Social media has also played a huge part in the technology world. Social media makes it able to keep in touch with people from different cities, states, or countries.

Social media doesn't consist of just staying in contact with friends, it can also be us