Top five Christmas songs

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With the holiday season comes a change of culture. Jingling bells, warm fuzzy feelings, and holiday tunes are astounding, and I’m breaking down my top five list of Christmas songs to get this season started.

1.All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Hands down, by a landslide, the top Christmas song of all time is All I Want for Christmas is You by the queen, Mariah Carey. No Christmas is complete without belting along to All I Want for Christmas is You and pretending to be as sassy and confident as Carey. Break out your Mean Girls’ Holiday Talent Show performance costume and warm up your vocals because Carey has become a staple of Christmas music and will go down in history as The Queen of Christmas.

2. Last Christmas by Wham!

Last Christmas is the perfect song to drive around and look at Christmas light shows while screaming lyrics with close friends and family. A tale of heartbreak is told behind the curtains of Christmas cheer and is an anthem for single souls during the holidays. Kick back with a huge glass of eggnog and belt your broken heart out.

3.Baby it’s Cold Outside by Louis Armstrong

Play this song and try not to bake Christmas cookies in Christmas pajamas while watching cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Whether you sing along to the female part, the male part, or, like me, both parts, Baby it’s Cold Outside has become a Christmas classic.

4. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

I am not a Justin Bieber fan. He has the occasional banger, but for the most part I am not a fan. Although there are a handful of Bieber songs I can really get down to, the best song, by far, the Christmas classic Mistletoe. At first, in the eighth grade I heard this song and immediately disliked it. However, with time, the song grew on me. Now Bieber’s smooth voice is perfectly paired with hot chocolate and mittens while ice skating.

5. White Christmas by Irving Berlin

I’m dreaming of a lot of things and a white Christmas is pretty high on my list. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas is the definition of classic. Christmas is not Christmas without singing along to White Christmas while decorating the tree with loved ones and eating way too much caramel popcorn.

If you go this season without singing along to at least one of the five songs listed above, please tell me so I can take you out for breakfast because that is impressive. The holidays bring a certain air with them, and Christmas music aids in transforming the community into a melting pot of cheerful joy. Have a very merry Christmas, the happiest of holidays, and a great New Year. It’s only socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music now, so take full advantage and turn up those speakers.


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