'That's what Christmas is all about'

Bettendorf’s seniors involved in drama will be presenting the classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” for this year's winter show on Dec. 16-18 in the Performing Arts Center. This is the second year that the seniors will put on one show rather than the multiple short plays called “one acts” that have been performed in the past. Unlike last year’s play, Ramona Quimby, this show is a musical, and one will hear the beloved Charlie Brown tunes.

Seemingly this is a show of many firsts: first time directing for co-directors, Julia Krist and Alex Packard.

“I can’t wait for the show to come to life, and the only thing I’m a bit worried about is the actors knowing all of their lines,” Packard said.

Junior Drake Sanchez said this is his first role in a production and that he is “excited to be onstage and a part of the whole theatre experience.”

In addition to Sanchez, there are many freshmen who will perform in their first high school roles: Veronica Larson, Madison Foht, and Sydney Rosebrough are just a few.

The leaders of the technical department are also undertaking new positions in the theatre world. The head of set construction and the senior tasked with creating the unique scenery of the show, Grant Mougin holds an important role behind the scenes.

“I was actually pleasantly surprised when I started building the set because it was a lot more fun than I had imagined,” Mougin said.

Another member of the technical team, senior Cole Harksen, is also important for the visual aspects of the show as the head of props.

“I can’t wait for my props to be relevant in the show, but I am surprised at how much work this position actually requires. Props to the techies--no pun intended,” Harksen said.

Another very notable “first” is the offering of a children’s workshop on Saturday, Dec. 17. Sure to offer much activity, this will be the first workshop offered with a senior directed show. At the workshop, kids will be able to meet members of the cast, make crafts, and learn some of the well known songs that the cast will sing in the show. This endeavor will be led by senior Maddy Carroll and held at Bettendorf High School.

So make sure to come and see the musical, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It will entertain all ages and “bring Christmas close to a person.”


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