Open house promotes understanding of different faiths

The Islamic Center of the Quad Cities in Moline held an open house for the community on Saturday, Dec. 10. The purpose of the event was to create an understanding between the diverse faiths and churches in the Quad Cities.

“We opened up the mosque so people can see what it is we do and what our practices are. There are a lot misconceptions out there right now so what better way to learn something but by seeing and experiencing for yourself,” Lyndsey El Bahi, who promoted the event on Facebook, said.

Those in attendance were able to visit different booths focusing on the Pillars of Islam, women in Islam, the Quran, and more. They also had different foods available to try such as mango punch, jelly cookies, and samosas.

One of the most popular booths was focusing on women in Islam; they gave out henna tattoos and allowed guests try on a hijab, the head covering that many Muslim women wear. Although the hijab is a symbol of modesty and glorifying God, it is a personal choice if a woman decides to wear one.

They also offered tours of the prayer hall and allowed guests to watch the mid afternoon prayer, one of five prayers during the day.

Even with the snow and chilling temperatures, there was an impressive turnout.

“I think that the community has been great! They have shown us so much love and support. It is definitely felt and appreciated,” El Bahi said.

Despite the political and social divides, the open house gave the people of the Quad Cities an opportunity to come together and learn about one another.


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