Excitement for Christmas Break

“I just make sure to finish strong and do my best and apply my excitement for break to school,” Alycia Damani-Ladha said.

Damani-Ladha, senior, is looking forward to winter break and Christmas, but her main focus right now is to complete all school work.

“My only struggle will be being too excited for Christmas,” Damani-Ladha said.

Damani-Ladha is staying in town during the holidays and will complete homework assignments if she has any.

Joe Byrne, freshman, is looking forward to his siblings coming home.

“I am just focusing on whatever class I am in right now. Then I can relax over break,” Byrne said.

Allison VanHorn, senior, is also looking forward to family coming home for the holidays.

“I am excited to see my brothers who come back from college,” VanHorn said.

Before VanHorn can see her brothers, she needs to make it through the last few days of school before break.

“I stay focused by putting my iPad under my chair, so I do not look at it,” VanHorn said.

VanHorn recommends that other students take breaks every 20 minutes of studying.

Jackson Stamper, junior, focuses on the last week and a half of school by drinking a tall glass of root beer every morning.

“I recommend others find their own sugar infused drink,” Stamper said.

Stamper is looking forward to being on break to participate in winter activities and enjoying time off from school.

“I am looking forward to going skiing and ice skating with friends and getting a break from all the school work,” Stamper said.

Stamper is taking a mini vacation over break as well as spending time with his family.

“I am going to my basement to train in the art of magic card tricks. I'm also going to my grandma’s,” Stamper said.


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