Saving lives this Christmas

The second annual Blood Drive took place Tuesday, Nov. 15, in the commons. The Blood Drive was hosted by Student Council through the Mississippi Valley Blood Center.

“Everyone should give blood because it saves life,” Zach Malchodi said.

Malchodi, senior, has donated blood four times, and they have all been good experiences.

“I get lightheaded easily, so if I can give blood so can you,” Malchodi said.

Malchodi will continue to donate even after high school. He has also convinced his friends to start donating, and they now do it regularly.

“I look forward to eating the chocolate chip cookies afterward,” Malchodi said.

Mikayla Guffey, junior, also looked forward to eating the cookies after her first time donating blood.

“My dad donates so I thought I would follow in his footsteps,” Guffey said.

Guffey recommends other students to donate because it is for a good cause.

“I was inspired to donate because I realized I would be helping others in need,” Guffey said.

MaryTherese Gehrmann, junior, donated for her third time.

“I hope to donate a gallon of blood by the end of my senior year because it is a easy way to help others,” Gehrmann said.

Hope Lagrange, junior, gave blood for her first time, and it went well.

“I wanted to donate at least once. In the long run you are helping people, and it only hurts for a second, then it is over,” Lagrange said.

Laurel Braaten, junior, has been on the Blood Drive committee before, but it was her first time leading the event. She was also chosen to be the Bettendorf High School Blood Drive rep.

“The Blood Drive went really smooth for being put together so quickly,” Braaten said.

Braaten hopes to do a school wide assembly next year to get more people inspired to donate.

“People don’t realize it’s not hard to help save lives,” Braaten said.

Taylor Vanzuiden, senior, was persuaded to donate for her first time by Braaten.

“It was super easy. Also, it is a great way to help someone in need,” Vanzuiden said.

The Blood Drive raised 83 units of blood, which exceeded its goal of 80 units.


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