Holiday spirit with family and friends

“My family and I enjoy staying home during Christmas break, we all get to watch movies and play games as a family,” Emma Stevenson said.

Stevenson loves to play board games with her family that they normally do not have time to play. Two of her favorites are Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

Next, Stevenson enjoys shopping at Target because of all their different options. She is able to buy all her family's gifts at Target.

“I enjoy going out with my friends to buy gifts for my other friends. It's the best part of the holidays because we're all broke so we have to find ways to make or buy gifts for others,” Stevenson said.

Kassidy Holdridge enjoys spending time with her family and eating her favorite food, turkey. There is plenty of food to go around during Holdridge’s family dinners.

“Any sort of family gathering if there is food I'll be there because my family makes amazing food, and I love being around them,” Holdridge said.

Holdridge does not have to go far to be with her family because they all live within the Quad Cities.

“I don't travel during the holidays because my family all live within the Quad Cities so we all just come together and hang out during the holidays,” Holdridge said.

Unlike Holdridge, Ryan Fleming and his family enjoys traveling to see extended family he usually does not get to see on a regular basis.

“I enjoy going to Omaha, Nebraska for the holidays to spend time with my family, watching football and playing games,” Fleming said.

Fleming enjoys all his grandmother's food during any holiday season and particularly enjoys her pie during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“I enjoy anything my grandmother makes during the holidays, but I particularly enjoy her apple pie,” Fleming said.

Lily Broyles loves cooking with her mother and also has some personal favorites foods she enjoys eating for the holidays such as mashed potatoes and stuffing.

“I love making food with my mom during the holidays, and decorating cookies,” Broyles said.

Broyles’ family likes to get away from the cold weather in Iowa by enjoying their winter vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

“We travel to Mexico for the holidays to get away from the cold. We stay at a resort and hangout at the beach in the warm weather,” Broyles said.


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