Balancing school and work

Kate Lindaman, a junior at Bettendorf High School, has two jobs and still maintains to keep up with her family and also with her grades in school. She works at Pita Pit and also at Central Standard as a hostess. Roughly working 30 to 35 hours a week, Lindaman said it is a hard thing to do. Especially with projects, because she works until late at night and still has to do her homework afterwards so it is in on time. Lindaman also misses out on the events that take place at the high school.

“I miss every football game and all the fun events that happen because I always have to work,” Lindaman said.

According to, one in four high schoolers in the United States have a job during their time in high school. When having a job while in high school, teachers and parents are not the only ones that rely on a student, but also their boss and co workers. Vivian Howe, a student working at Starbucks, said that putting one over the other is sometimes a hard thing to do.

“It’s hard sometimes to balance work and school because I need to keep good grades, but I also can’t just ditch my job where people depend on me to be there,” Howe said.

Work schedules can be random select days or a set weekly schedule. At Hobby Lobby, where Alexis Liberio works, they let her pick the days she wants off and also the shifts she wants on the weekends. Liberio only works one part time job, and gets in about 15 to 18 hours a week.

“I can make my own schedule, so I do not work on Fridays. And every other weekend I open so then that night I can hang out with my friends, or go shopping with some of the money I earn ,” Liberio said.

Time management is a very important thing, but sometimes both work and school do not collaborate well with each other. All three have put work before school at one time.

“I remember one time when I had to go to work, and they ended up making me stay late. And because of that, I wasn't able to get my fashion portfolio project done, which made me get half credit on the biggest project of the class. It was all very frustrating,” Lindaman said.

Most high school jobs are not of the magnitude that others have for careers, but Howe thinks that working before maintaining a career can also have some positives to it as well.

“Working has gone to show me that real life is not anything like high school. There are so many small lessons that work has taught me, that school would not be able to. Another positive is that I am learning how to multitask with two important parts of my life,” Howe said.

Balancing both school and work utilizes time management and also the ability of decision making.


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