Families united on Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is having the opportunity to ride the dirt bikes through all of the corn fields and being stress free about school,” Keaton Westerkamp said.

Westerkamp likes riding dirt bikes with his family over Thanksgiving break as well as making his favorite foods.

“My favorite food during Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie and my mom’s mashed potatoes,” Westerkamp said.

Annette Schneider has family traditions such as baking and watching football with her family.

“I love sweet potatoes and corn casseroles that my mom makes every year. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them,” Schneider said.

Schneider looks forward to making homemade pumpkin pie for the first time with her family.

Emma Stevenson looks forward to spending time with her family and eating her favorite foods.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there's lots of time to spend with family. I make pies with my mom in the morning, and lunch with my grandmother later that day. Also, I just love food so a whole holiday dedicated to food is ideal,” Stevenson said.


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