Students want more enrichment choices for PRIDE time

Many students in Bettendorf High School believe there should be more enrichment choices given during PRIDE time.

PRIDE time is a 45 minute class, where students get to pick what they want to do. This class is in between third and fourth block. Teachers post options, which the students choose from, on a website called

“Many of the PRIDE options are boring. They are mostly quiet study times and times where you can get help from teachers. There aren’t really a lot of fun choices,” said high school senior Brianna Swarm.

“Teachers should offer more enrichment options so that the students, who get everything done, can do something instead of just sitting around,” said Emma Stevenson, who is a senior at Bettendorf.

This topic has been brought up during advisory, when RSVP advisors come in to talk about what the students want to improve on in the school.


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