Students get the flu shot to stay healthy

To not catch the flu and stop it from spreading, students need to get the flu shot. According to the Center for Disease Control the flu vaccine is reviewed annually and updated to match circulating flu viruses.

Roxanne Schmertmann, the school nurse at Bettendorf High School, said that students should get flu shots because it helps keep people healthy, and even healthy people get sick. It also stops germs from spreading.

“A pro to the flu shot is that it decreases the chance of getting the flu. It also keeps students from bringing the flu home to young children or older family members, which it can affect them even more. A con to the flu shot is that it can cause soreness, fever, and fatigue,” said Schmertmann.

A benefit to getting the flu shot is that it keeps students from getting sick so they can come to school more often and have less missed work. It also keeps germs from spreading, because they can spread very easily in a school.

The best time to get the flu shot is in October, but people can still get the flu shot while it is circulating, so people can get it as late as January. Places that students should go get flu shots is their doctor’s office or they can get them for free or for a small price at Hy-Vee or Walgreens.

Teachers also recommend that students should get the flu shot. Lori Shepard, a first grade teacher at Mark Twain Elementary School, thinks that when students get the flu shot it helps decrease the spreading of germs in the classroom.

“It’s important for students to have flu shots, because it helps decrease the spreading of germs, and I feel like my chances of getting the flu decrease if my students have the flu shot,” Said Shepard.

Flu season is here, so it is time to get your flu shot to stay healthy and decrease spreading germs.


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