Imani Winds

Thursday, Oct. 20, Imani Winds, a wind quintet, visited Bettendorf High School and performed for the music students. The wind quintet has a flutist, Valerie Coleman, a clarinetist, Mariam Adam, a bassoonist, Monica Ellis, an oboist, Toyin Spellman-Diaz, and a French horn player, Jeff Scott.

Performing all over the country, Imani Winds has been a group for 19 years and is based in New York. The group plays many famous pieces, but also plays pieces written by Coleman and Scott. Some of these pieces include “Red Clay Mississippi Delta” and “Umoja”.

While at BHS, the quintet played multiple songs for the students. Each member talked about himself or herself and kept the audience engaged. The students learned about each member and the instrument that he or she played. The quintet has already played its last concert, but to learn more, visit this website.

The high school has a visiting artist two or three times a year. The next visiting artist is on Monday, April 10. Simply Three will be performing and speaking with the music students, but any students are welcome to attend the performance in the PAC.


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