Dear Damaris: Stressed and Confused

Dear Damaris,

I am having trouble finding time to do my responsibilites. I was sick and missed school, and now I am drowning in makeup work.


Stressed and Confused

Dear Stressed and Confused,

You are not alone in your feelings! Many people feel swamped with work, but with planning, you can rid yourself of stress. The first thing I do when I am stressed out is shower and put on my comfiest pajamas. This way, if you have a late night, you are already ready for bed. After you hop out of the shower, it is time for planning. It is important to record what you have to accomplish and decide what tasks are your top, middle, and bottom priorities. Invest in a planner and a calendar to help organize your daily, monthly, and yearly tasks and make sure to constantly fill out both. Once you know what you have to accomplish and which of those accomplishments are the most important, you can begin getting tasks done. While working on tasks you must be fully invested on whatever it is you are working on. Avoid all distractions and get to work. Start with your top priorities, and work your way down to the bottom priorities. Make sure you are in a quiet and focused environment and you have everything you need, from pencils to tissues to snacks, so that you do not have to leave your work area other than using the restroom or any emergency. Remember: It is okay to not be okay. No one, no matter how much it seems like it, has everything figured out. No one is stress free, but take my advice and it will help a million.


Damaris Stroker

P.S. Good luck! You can do this!


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