RSVP has first summit

RSVP had its first summit two days ago on Oct. 17. The summit leaders went to advisories and led discussions about what the students would like to change within the school.

“The advisory that I led came up with many ideas like PRIDE time being optional for seniors, only having PRIDE three times a week, and using half of band lot for parking and allowing band to use the other half,” Annette Schneider said.

Annette Schneider has been involved in RSVP for four years and recommends new students to get involved to help the school.

RSVP has changed many things in the past. While working with the administration, RSVP has gotten new water fountains around the school, brought smoothies to lunch, changed the lanyard policy, and gotten new lockers.

Tayler Andersen, senior, likes being involved in RSVP because she can help change the school and see new faces that she might not see every day.

“I am looking forward to the next summit because I enjoy getting to see the progress that we make after taking the students’ suggestions,” Andersen said.


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