Mixed emotions about PRIDE

Ms. Kieffer’s PRIDE time (Twitter: @BettFCCLA)

From quiet study spaces to activities in the gym, the new PRIDE time offers over 70 different options for students to participate in every day. After the first quarter of participating in PRIDE time, students have mixed responses.

“I like PRIDE time because it gives me time to go into different classes to finish labs and work that I don't have time to do in class,” Kaylin Kuhn, senior, said.

Kuhn has used PRIDE time to go into physics and AP Psych, but she has also used the time to go into Ms. Kieffer’s room to do service projects.

Alli Wroblewski finds PRIDE time a little less useful.

“I think PRIDE time would have been useful as a junior, but as a senior, I never have anything to do because I don’t have any hard classes,” Wroblewski said.

Marissa Scott, who is also a senior, has third and fourth block off, but she is still required to come back for PRIDE time.

“I would rather not come back for PRIDE but do something more beneficial, like go to work earlier,” Scott said.

Scott feels that for many seniors PRIDE is not beneficial because a lot of seniors do not have hard classes.


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