Five last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Queen Bee

Throw on an all black ensemble, and grab some scissors and yellow construction paper. Cut out yellow stripes and attach them to your top with safety pins. Hot glue pipe cleaners to a thrift store bought crown to finish off the look.


Using the same color tulle, bunch a ton of tulle and safety pin them to your clothes. Pin a white rope to the tulle, and your costume is complete.


Pin purple balloons to your clothes, and using construction paper, create a leaf to hot glue to a head band.


All you need to create this costume are yellow clothes and face paint. Deck out in yellow, and use red face paint to create two circles on your cheeks.


If you have a onesie and sippy cup you are set. Throw on your onesie, grab your sippy cup, and braid your hair into two pigtails for the perfect baby costume.


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