‘You Can’t Take it With You’ impresses audience

The Bettendorf Theatre Department presented the fall play, “You Can’t Take it With You,” on Oct. 13-15.

The play told the story of the quirky Sycamore family and problems they face when their daughter Alice (Ali Girsch) is courted by the wealthy Anthony (Tony) Kirby (Tyler Wilson). Alice is embarrassed by her family’s crazy antics, such as her father (Josh Turner) and Mr. DePinna (Grant Mougin) building fireworks, her sister Essie (Molly Seybert) and her many attempts to learn how to dance, and finally her mother (Holly Harrington) and the plays she writes.

Harrington plays the motherly character exceptionally well. She is caring and supportive of both of her children and their endeavors and is an overall well rounded character.

Girsch and Wilson are both great actors and seemed to connect onstage together well. One of the most uncomfortable yet hilarious parts of the show was when Tony’s parents, played by Cole Harksen and Sophia Pike, come face to face with the Sycamores. The opposite behaviors between the two families is interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Leticia Francisco’s portrayal of the family maid, Rheba, was genuine and left me laughing out loud. Zach Malchodi, who played Essie's dance teacher Mr. Kolenkhov, connected well with Seybert and stole the scene with his funny one-liners. Another notable performance was Keaton Westerkamp as the Grandpa.

Whether you are religious or not, one of the coolest scenes from the show is when the Sycamore family and all of their friends gather around the table for a prayer led by Westerkamp and conversation. These scenes showed how important family is to them and how, despite their squabbles, they all love one another.

“You Can’t Take it With You” is another amazing production put on by the theatre department.


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