'Capture the Cans' helps raise awareness for Student Hunger Drive

Bettendorf High School Student Twitter (@U_Bett)

“I did Capture the Cans to help people in the Student Hunger Drive in a super fun way,” Abbi Stolte said.

Stolte, junior, was on team blue and by the end of the game had about 16 cans.

“I would definitely recommend it to others because it is a super fun way to help people in hunger,” Stolte said.

Sophie Muckenfuss, senior, also did Capture the Cans to help out the school’s hunger drive and hang out with her friends.

“My favorite memory was when my team, red, won. It made me feel like our team had a big part in the hunger drive because we brought in so many cans and stole some from other teams,” Muckenfuss said.

Michael Baer, senior, did Capture the Cans because it was a fun way to interact with peers while he played an entertaining game.

“My favorite memory from last night was returning a stolen can back to base and everyone cheered,” Baer said.

Baer recommends others to compete in the event next year.

“The game would be even more fun with more people and more people means more money being donated to the hunger drive,” Baer said.

Baer’s team, red, won because their team worked together well together.

“We had a great time working with each other and we all knew the end goal was to just have fun and raise money to donate,” Baer said.

Charlie Hayes, senior, recommends it to others because it is a great annual experience

“My favorite memory was when Jack Stamper announced that the red team won,” Hayes said.


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