Old friends, new rivalries

“Yes!” Greta Solbrig said. She’s on the edge of her seat. The freshman black team just has to win this game to advance. Solbrig was on the sideline giving encouraging words to her teammates. “We can do this!” Bulldogs serve it over, score! Game over, Bulldogs win the volleyball game 2-1 in the set.

“The Black team was a really hard team to play against,” Madeleine Allen, freshmen at Assumption said after playing them. Allen said her team practices five times a week and plays the team often.

“We usually have a tournament every weekend, either Saturday or Sunday,” Allen said.

Allen said even though playing each other is tough, she loves to compete and see her old friends from middle school.

“We get into it,” Allen said. “When we face each other across the net, we try to make each other laugh,” she said.

Allen has been playing volleyball since she was in fifth grade.

“I love the sport because it keeps me in shape. My coaches are great; they always encouraged me to play my hardest and give it my all,” Allen said.

Maria Manternach also plays for the assumption knights, and starts on the freshman team as a middle hitter.

She started playing volleyball during the summer of fourth grade at a volleyball camp that she was forced to go by her parents.

“At first I thought volleyball was stupid and I didn't like it because my parents made me play,” she said. “I think back and wonder that if I have chosen and made the decision to play volleyball all on my own, and if I hadn't have been so opposed to the idea of me playing volleyball, I would've given it a better shot. I am thankful that my parents signed me up for the Assumption volleyball camp back in fourth grade,” Manternach said.

Manternach is extremely passionate about volleyball; she loves everything about the sport.

“Volleyball has allowed me to become more involved with the school, and I have met so many great girls I probably wouldn't have had the chance to meet if it weren't for volleyball,” Manternach said.

Manternach plans to play for the rest of her high school career. She sees all of the varsity girls competing and can't wait until she is able to be a part of the high competition level that the high school varsity volleyball players compete in.

“I especially can’t wait to compete against Bettendorf, because I get to see my old friends. It's fun to have a rivalry against them.” Manternach said.

Solbrig always likes to see her friends from Assumption; she played with them her whole life.

“I've been playing volleyball since fourth grade,” she said, “and playing against my old teammates brings back memories. It’s bittersweet,” Solbrig said. Even though playing with the new team is new, she loves her new teammates.

“I love playing with all the freshmen,” Dena Pyevich said, one of her teammates, “I am excited to play Assumption because I’m not sure what kind of team they’re like.”

Solbrig is excited to play her old teammates or now called rivals. They will play each other in tournaments later this season.


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