Bettendorf Office Products encourages adults to color

One day out of every month around 35 to 42 adults go to Bettendorf Office Products (BOP) at the same time for the same reason. They aren’t necessarily looking to buy new office products; instead, they are looking to color in coloring books.

BOP recently had its September coloring club in which adults of all ages came together to socialize and color.

“We have sold adult coloring books for the past 40 years. But after a couple of artists really started designing more intricate and appealing designs, it started to take off. Last summer, every time we got a few books in the store they were gone instantly. Once Parade magazine had it on their cover and The Today Show had a feature on it, more and more people discovered adult coloring is great hobby to pick up, ” part owner of BOP, Catherine Hershberger said.

The next coloring club is Oct.7. from 10-12 a.m. Upon request, for the first time they are offering a Saturday session, on Oct.8. from 9-11 a.m.

“We have sold over 3,200 coloring books since our first coloring club, on Aug.20. 2015,” Hershberger said.

They have four drawings each session for a 10 dollar gift card.

“I think people like being in on something new. It gives adults “permission” to color,” Hershberger said.

Adult coloring is becoming more popular in the elderly community because it is found to help reduce Alzheimer's , increases brain stimulation, and can increase hand-eye coordination.

“I went with a couple of friends and we really enjoyed it. I was hesitant to go at first because I am not a very artistic person. Although I realized that I don't need to be as long as I stay in the lines, ” Pat McQueen, 72, said.

BOP has held coloring club for over a year and it is still getting more wanting to join.

“I will definitely attend again. Next time I would like to invite some friends who have been wanting to come ,” McQueen said.

McQueen also won one of the gift cards a few months ago.

“Not only did I enjoy myself, but I also got a little extra something so I could buy another coloring book or get new office supplies,” McQueen said.

You can buy the coloring books at the store anywhere from $6-$20

“I haven’t attended a coloring club yet, but I plan to. It seems as if I’d really enjoy it,” friend of McQueen, Rita Pribyl said.


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