1957 map shows small, less-developed Iowa Quad Cities

An area with no interstates, no malls, and present day streets that are not even there is depicted in this map of the Iowa Quad Cities from 1957.

The Quad Cities’ first and Iowa’s second mall, Duck Creek Mall, would not open until 1960.

One of the first Quad City shopping plazas was finished in 1957, the Village Shopping Center located on Northwest Boulevard and Kimberly Road, across from the present-day NorthPark Mall.

The Quad Cities’ first interstate, I-80, did not arrive until the early 1960’s, with I-74 not arriving until mid-1970’s; which means there was no I-280 or I-88 either.

The current Bettendorf High School was not yet built and the Middle School, at the intersection of Middle Road and 18th Street, was the site of an air field.

The map shows some small roads that are now present day retail hubs, and others which are not even there yet.

Both Middle Road and 18th Street end at their intersection.

53rd Street is a mere “country road” and is considered the Davenport city limits. Some portions of 53rd are not even highlighted on the map, with the highlighted portions between Utica Ridge and Jersey Ridge, but not yet intersected and at the intersection of Northwest Boulevard, 53rd wouldn’t meet 18th Street until the 1990’s.

Elmore Avenue wouldn’t be paved until 40 years later in the 1990’s.

Kimberly Road (U.S. 6) still uses the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge (current-day I-74 bridge) as its own.

Bettendorf’s newest residential development is near Central Ave. between 14th and 18th Streets, near the Highland Park addition.

The area around John Fell Drive and Rockingham Road in the West End is considered the “new industrial development area.”

Sixty years later. the Quad Cities is home to four interstates, two expressways, the Milan Beltway, two malls, countless shopping plazas, new roads, new developments, and a large population.


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