Students travel abroad, host foreign students

Students taking foreign language classes are offered several different opportunities to travel and learn. This summer, students went to Germany, France, and Costa Rica. In addition, three students hosted French students.

Elise Kalin, a sophomore, hosted a student from France.

“I knew it would be a good experience. Laurine and I became like sisters,” Kalin said.

Kalin exposed Laurine to different things around the city and region such as Six Flags, Splash Landing, Northpark Mall and Steak n’ Shake.

Mary Therese Gehrmann traveled to Germany for a month with the German American Partnership Program (GAPP). Gehrmann stayed with a host family for the duration of the trip and starting Sept. 23, her student, Korbinian, will travel to America to stay with Gehrmann’s family.

“I was fortunate to be able to travel with my family. We took a trip to Paris and visited famous sites and had a picnic. When he comes here, we plan on going to a Hawkeye game, ice skating, Homecoming, haunted housing and more,” Gehrmann said.

The 11 day Costa Rica trip differed from the other exchange trips because it did not include a host family stay.

“We stayed in different hotels as a group but we got to visit different schools to see how they interact with their friends and their culture,” senior Nicki Blaum said. “We got to travel all around the country and my favorite activities were ziplining and whitewater rafting.”

Overall, exchange trips are a good way to strengthen language skills and meet new people.

“I am planning on going to France this summer to stay with Laurine and her family for a few weeks,” Kalin said.

“I went to Germany to improve my German and travel, and I encourage any student to go on the trip because it is extremely rewarding and an experience I’ll never forget,” Gehrmann said. Gehrmann with Korbinian take a trip to Paris during the GAPP exchange program.


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