Top items to take to college

Tapestry If you want to decorate your wall with something cool then you can get a tapestry to spruce up your room.

Mini-Fridge Important to have to keep snacks or breakfast foods like yogurt and drinks such as milk, water, Gatorade and soda

Laptop A laptop is important to write papers and work on homework assignments.

Shower shoes Shower shoes are important to wear in the shower so you don’t get gross stuff on your feet.

Bed risers with charging station Bed risers are helpful when you and your roommate take your bunks apart; and have a riser with a charging station so you can charge your phone when you go to bed.

Planner It is helpful to have a planner to keep track of assignments, class times, paper due dates, events at campus, study times, etc.

Highlighters These will be helpful when reading textbooks and highlighting the important parts of the reading.

Backpack You should have a backpack to keep you textbook notebooks, pencils, pens, and laptop.


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