Student Spotlight: Peyton Phillips

Early graduate Peyton Phillips has chosen a slightly different path: she became an active duty member of the Army National Guard on May 11, 2015.

Last year she spent the summer at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in boot camp for basic training, where she qualified to be a sharpshooter. Every month she attends a drill in which she leads a group and is responsible for their performance in all aspects of the military.

“This summer I go to Fort Lee in Virginia for advanced individual training,” Phillips said.

She will get back from training at the end of September or the beginning of October and will start college second semester.

After starting college, she will go to Cedar Rapids where she will have drill training. While there, she may be deployed at any point.

“I joined because I've always been interested in shooting weapons, danger, working in difficult situations, and challenges. Also, all the men in my family have been in the military, but I was born an only child, and I didn't want the line of military work to end, so I decided to do it,” Phillips said.

She said that leaving to serve does not bother her. She wants to know if she will be deployed, and she hopes that she will be deployed eventually.


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