Politics: Clinton's hypocrisy stands out

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party in the nomination process; Clinton is also a self-proclaimed women’s rights advocate. Clinton’s campaign runs on the promise to bring equal pay to women and to fight for all victims of sexual assault. Although the liberal-controlled media does what it can to suppress the truth about Clinton, there are numbers that the media cannot suppress. Those numbers are that of the Clinton Foundation, which is home to scandal over its receiving donations from Persian Gulf sheiks, as well as leaders from other foreign countries. The most haunting numbers come in the wages of the employees who work for The Clinton Foundation. Of the employees who work for The Clinton Foundation, men receive a total of 38 percent more pay than women. “There is no discount for being a woman,” Clinton said on April 12, 2016. Clinton is right; there is no discount for being a woman, unless you are a woman who works for The Clinton Foundation. As a candidate who runs on the basis of ensuring equal pay for women, Clinton should ensure that the employees who work for her own foundation receive equal pay. Clinton’s platform will continue to include her call for equal pay, and the liberal media will continue to suppress harsh realities about their candidates’ equal pay record, and her overwhelming hypocrisy when it comes to fighting for equal pay. Not only hypocritical on her equal pay stance, Clinton also deceives voters that she will fight for all victims of sexual assault. “I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed, and we’re with you,” Clinton said late last year in front of a college audience. Once again, Clinton blatantly lies to the voters. She should’ve stated that the message only applies to those who aren’t a victim of her husband’s sexual assault. That’s right, when President Clinton was in office dozens of victims came out and told their stories. Those victims include Eileen Wellstone, Juanita Broaddrick, and Carolyn Moffet. Where was Hillary Clinton? The First Lady stood next to her husband, and she led a smear campaign to silence these women. Bill and Hillary, or the “Power Couple,” not only publically stated that these women had no basis to accuse Bill; they also stated that the victims of President Clinton were only out to gain fame. “She [Hillary Clinton] enabled his behavior. It’s as simple as that. She looks the other way. She might throw a tantrum, but she enabled it to happen again and again and again and again. And then she chooses to go after the women that he hooks up with, to ruin them again and again and again and again. And that’s how it works,” said Kathleen Willey, a sexual assault victim of President Clinton’s, interviewed by Aaron Klein and quoted by Sean Davis in The Federalist, Clinton often disparaged her husband’s accusers; in 1991, Connie Hamzy told her story, and Clinton responded “We have to destroy her story,” Clinton said, according to George Stephanopoulos in his memoir, “All Too Human.” When Gennifer Flowers told of her affair with President Clinton, Hillary Clinton began an “aggressive, explicit direction of the campaign to discredit [Ms. Flowers],” as recalled by Carl Bernstein in his “exhaustive biography” of Hillary Clinton, “A Woman in Charge.” Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with President Bill Clinton, was referred to by Hillary Clinton as a “narcissistic loony toon,” according to Sean Davis in The Federalist. Smearing women who came out against their abuser is in direct opposition to Clinton’s claim that every victim has a voice. Clinton doesn’t care about women, or equal pay: what Hillary Clinton really cares about is power, and she will do anything to gain that power.


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