Making cigar boxes in guitars: it's "Pozzi-ble"

It’s not every day that someone collects cigar boxes, so it’s not every day that someone who collects them turns them into something. Especially something as extraordinary as a guitar. But senior Anthony Pozzi takes enjoyment in doing just that.

“These are functioning guitars that are made using a cigar box,” Pozzi said. “I got the idea from Mr. Wilming. It started out as an idea for my dad's birthday present, but then I didn't want to get rid of it, so I made a second one for myself. Now family, friends and other people have seen them on my parents’ Facebook, and they want one too.”

“When I wanted to build one, he pretty much showed me the ways. He let me borrow a book about building them, and I took multiple trips to his room for questions and to show him the progress. Now I pretty much know what I'm doing,” Pozzi said.

He built the neck for the first guitars he worked on, but now he says he buys them, making building much faster. He makes a frame for the box and cuts out the notches for the neck, before fitting the neck to the box. Then he puts the tuners, the hinge, bridge, nut, sound holes, and string on the guitar. The complicated process is what he calls “the basics.”

When having all of the supplies with him, Pozzi is able to complete a guitar in about four hours. Now, it has become such a hit that he has begun to sell them.

“I am taking orders, right now. I have seven guitars to make, but I'm trying to make extra guitars to sell,” Pozzi said.

Depending on the box used and whether or not it is electric, the price varies, but most are about $125.

If interested in purchasing Pozzi’s cigar box guitars, speak with him in person or contact him on social media.


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