Foreign exchange students travel all over the world

Some students this summer, rather than hanging out by the pool and having a summer job, will be traveling world wide. Some are going to Costa Rica, France and Germany. Students are going to stay in a country for up to two weeks or a month with a host family and then at another time the students that they stayed with in Germany, France, or Costa Rica will come here to America.

Alena Shoemaker is a senior going to Costa Rica from June 15 to June 25.

“I am going to Costa Rica, and I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity to travel and experience new things before I go to college and to help better my Spanish before I decide if I want to minor in it in college,” Shoemaker said.

The will be plenty of things for them to do while they are there. There are waterfalls and rope bridges.

“I'm looking forward to zip lining and whitewater rafting in such a beautiful place and also experiencing a new culture,” Shoemaker said.

Mason Chin is going to France for two weeks, visiting the cities of Paris and Nantes.

“Personally I would like to experience travel and being out of the country,” Chin said.

He is going to a school in France and is also excited to try their fries.

He is excited ‘to be with the family and really get to live in France as a French person.”

Lastly is the German exchange trip leaving on June 2. Kalli Goerdt and many others such as Erin Johnson, Mary Therese Gehrmann, Riley Tidrick, Abby Whitaker, Abby Weyman, Kyle Anderson, Trevor Ollar and many more.

According to Goerdt “I’ve never been out of the country. Germany will be a fun first place to go.”

They will all be there for a month and spending a week with stay home families and then the rest of the month at downgraded hotels called Youth Hostels, and may be going to Paris.

“It is going to be really awesome and I am excited to meet all the Germans,” Goerdt said.

Wherever the students are going this summer it will be an unforgettable experience.


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