Crews begin work downtown, city prepares for new I-74 bridge

PHOTO 1-3: DOT Maps of the preferred I-74 Corridor Project

PHOTO 4: The blue and dark red represent the traffic pattern of that of Kimberly Road, with the orange representing the portion of Kimberly closed. The pink represents the traffic pattern of 14th Street. The yellow and green are on and off ramps on I-74.

PHOTO 5: The blue line on this map represents the realignment of State and Grant Streets.

Crews have begun preliminary work on roads in downtown Bettendorf to prepare for construction of the new I-74 bridge.

Southbound Kimberly Road is closed, turning northbound Kimberly into a two-directional road. Southbound traffic is then detoured at on Calvert Drive, back onto Kimberly Road-13th Street interchange.

Grant and State Streets will be realigned at the new bridge, allowing for entrance and exit ramps from the interstate. Realignment of State Street to Grant Street work has begun beginning between 10th and 11th Streets.