Variety Show wows crowd

May 23, 2016




This year’s annual variety show, held Friday, May 13, hosted a variety of talents from students all across the school.  Aside from typical singing acts, the 2016 variety show held acts such as speed painting, dancing, piano playing, and a comedy show.

     Another performing actress, junior Cara Mastanduno is hosting the variety show this year.

     “I am pretty nervous; I am not going to lie,” Mastanduno said.

Mastanduno is new to the stage, and although she comes off as quiet and reserved, is excited to display her secret energetic and charismatic personality.

     “I have a feeling I am going to be laughing a lot at my own jokes. Damaris and I always
laugh at ourselves, and I have no doubt we will be in tears by the end of the night,” Mastanduno said.

     Tilor Meyer, a senior, is performing in two different acts this year.

“I'm very excited for the variety show this year. I love performing, and I can't wait to get on stage one more time,” Meyer said.

     A member of show choir this year and a part of the spring musical, Meyer is performing
in a one act as well as a dancing act.

     “I love acting and dancing, so this should be fun. I am also very excited to be able to perform with some of my close friends one last time before I graduate. I hope to leave my all up on stage, and end my career of performing at Bettendorf on a high note,” Meyer said.

     The variety show boasts a wide display of acts; however, it also boasts a large donation to an organization aimed to bettering the lives of Iowans in need.

     All of the proceeds from the show are being donated to the Iowa Organ     Donor Network in honor of Jonathan “Jonno” Russell. The Iowa Organ Donor Network is a non-profit organization that supports and honors tissue and organ donor families. Held a year after Jonno passed away, the variety show is held in Jonno’s honor.

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September 24, 2020

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