New Kids on the Block: Ean Lovett

Making a splash at Bettendorf this year, top swimmer Ean Lovett is, in fact, at Bettendorf and a top swimmer. Lovett’s father works at Deere, causing him to travel quite a bit. He also lives with his mother, one dog, Pippa, and his older sister when she is back from the University of Minnesota.

Lovett said, “I’m a guy and I like to hang out. I swim and I work and that’s pretty much it. I work in Illinois as a lifeguard.”

Lovett has been swimming for a long time and is currently a fly swimmer.

Lovett said, “I love being in the water and not having to do anything with my brain. The water is pretty cold and really shocks you as you enter. I’ve enjoyed Bettendorf swimming a lot because of Coach Ahrens.”

Lovett has enjoyed Bettendorf so far, specifically how nice the facilities and people are and is glad that he switched in the beginning of the year.

Favorite food? Mexican

Show? That 70’s show and How I Met Your Mother

Movie? Dodgeball

If you woke up in any time period which would you chose? I would like to have lived in the 90’s, everything else kinda sucked.

If you could be the CEO of any business which business would you chose? I would be the CEO of Boeing, think of how much they supply to the military. I know their stocks were down but there will always be a demand for what they provide.

What would you name your child? Gotta, because you gotta love it. That or dontchya


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