Spring break creates memories

Students and staff traveled all over the world for spring break two weeks ago. The most popular destination was Florida by far, but a great number visited Mexico as well.

Sarah Lammers and her family traveled to The Big Island in Hawaii.

“The best part was going to a different beach every day and going snorkeling with sea turtles,” Lammers said. “It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and there wasn’t any part I didn’t enjoy!”

Erin Hoffman vacationed in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with her mom over break.

“I really enjoyed spending the special time with my mom while hiking in the Smoky Mountains and taking in the beautiful views of Tennessee,” Hoffman said.

The two drove all the way there, which Hoffman said was “a pretty long drive, and one night it was pouring down rain, and we couldn’t see a thing, which was pretty scary.”

Ally and Jackson Gallagher went to Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean with their mom,

step-dad, and younger siblings.

Ally said, “this was my second trip to Grand Cayman now, and the best part was getting to go flyboarding,” which is a water sport combining wakeboarding and water jets.

Kamryn Baughman and her family took a road trip through California, visiting places like San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles.

“My favorite day was probably when we went to Manhattan Beach, because there were lots of cute shops to visit along the boardwalk,” she said.

Junior Emily Baker went to Sun City, Arizona, with her family, including senior Anna Baker and freshman J.R. Baker. They stayed with their grandparents who winter there every year.

“The best part was probably the sun,” Emily said, “but I also loved the fresh oranges from the backyard, and making coffee from newly roasted coffee beans from the front yard was great too.”

Now that break is over, students are looking forward to many different things in the last quarter.

Emily is “excited to go back to work and get into more rehearsals at Davenport Junior Theatre.”

Hoffman and Baughman are both looking forward to the musical.

Hoffman said “I can’t wait for the musical, which, by the way, you should all come to!”

“I’m excited to work at qualifying for the Drake Relays,” Gallagher said.

Lammers is already looking towards her next vacation.

“I’m going on the spanish trip to Costa Rica, which I cannot wait for,” she said.


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