'Promprosals' can be clever

“April showers bring May flowers like prom season brings promposals. Prom is arguably the best night of senior year. From whipping and nae naeing on the dance floor to getting hypnotized at after prom event, prom night is full of fun. This fun; however, does not come without a little stress and hard work. Although girls usually have the daunting task of finding the perfect dress and enduring gruesome hours of hair and makeup, boys often have the job of finding the perfect way to ask their date. Creativity and originality are keys to the perfect promposal. With a little bit less than a month left until prom, promposals will soon come; however, ideas for a promposal are available year round thanks to Pinterest. Finding a chicken costume may be difficult; however, this epic outfit will help create an original and hilarious promposal. While in costume, a performance of the chicken dance with a poster that reads “Don’t be a chicken; go to prom with me” is sure to be a memorable promposal. “The Office,” a hilarious show that has seen a rise in popularity among students this year, is sure to be a unique and comical way to ask a date to prom. “You make me happier than Pretzel Day”; Pretzel Day, a concept brought to attention in season three of “The Office.” With five soft pretzels formed in the letters to spell out “PROM?” no “The Office” fanatic could say no. Some prospective dates think the bigger the better. There is no bigger than a billboard. Asking a prom date to prom with the use of a billboard is not only ridiculously public, but extremely unique, creative, memorable, and expensive, at almost $2,000 for a one month rental in Iowa, according to a variety of listings. Another way to publicly ask someone to prom using advertisements is the use of the intercom announcements. Not only is this sure to get the rest of the student body excited for prom, it is an easy and fun way to profess desire to take a lucky person to prom. An over the intercom promposal could be a witty joke, a catchy song, or a simple ask. Ordering a gelatin brain mold is necessary for this unique, rather frightening promposal. For those not afraid of a little makeup, transforming into a zombie and creating a gelatin brain is a unique way to ask way to ask someone to prom. A bloody zombie with a gelatin brain and a poster that reads “Use your brains, and go to prom with me” is a unique and extravagant way to ask someone to prom. Finally, the most important thing to remember is to not stress over prom. Prom night is meant to be full of wonderful memories, not terrible ones. The perfect promposal is out there, with a little of effort and outside of the box thinking, promposals are a breeze.


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