Nailed it: spring designs

If you are looking for reasonably priced nail design ideas for the upcoming spring and summer, look no further. Nail Tek on 53rd Street in Davenport has a variety in designs plus reasonable costs. I have tried a lot of designs and have been going to Nail Tek for the past eight years usually about every four to five weeks. The following designs are some of my favorites.

The first set of nails are French tips with sparkles on the tip. This was the only time I have ever gotten fake nails, and they lasted for about three weeks. When my real nail started to grow out, I had to go back to Nail Tek to get the fake nails removed. What I did like about the fake nails was the white tips did not chip, like the other past French tip manicures on my real nails have, leaving nothing on the nail but a clear coat of nail polish. What I did not like about these nails was they made my real nails really thin after they came off. Overall, these nails were good for Homecoming because they did not chip.

This is one of my favorite summer designs. The polish stayed on for about four weeks, meaning it only chipped a little at the top of my nails and at the very bottom. This was a manicure, so along with the painted nails I also got a hand massage, cuticles pulled, nails buffed, nails cut/shaped, and a hand soak. The manicurist also put on a top coat, as well as a coat of nail adhesive before the polish is on to make the polish stay on as long as possible. This design was fun and simple and took about 30 minutes.

I got these black and gold nails for a homecoming dance to match my dress. I am usually not a huge fan of black nails, but the gold accented nail on the ring finger made me like them more. I also have gotten this design with navy blue and a silver accent on the ring finger, which turned out well, too. These nails lasted for three weeks and only chipped at the top. I also got a manicure with this design. Overall this design can be used for dances if you do not want French tips or anytime you want to show school spirit.

Over the summer, I had dreamcatcher nails, and it was one of the hardest designs I have ever had them do. Along with the design and polish, I also got a manicure. I showed the manicurist a picture of what I wanted and the owner, Hanna, followed it perfectly. The design lasted for about two and half weeks, but I was also working, meaning I was bumping them a lot. Within the first 15 minutes of getting them I had already taken a chip out of the polish on my pointer finger. The white nail made the black dreamcatcher easier to be seen, and it also accented the purple.

Lastly, for spring, I got pink nails with a navy blue and flower accent on the ring finger which lasted for 3 weeks. I did not have enough time to get a full manicure with the polish so that is why the price was lower. If you just get the polish change, you do not get the hand massage, cuticles pulled, hand soak or oil to help your cuticles. I would recommend getting a full manicure for just a little bit more. The nails took about 15 minutes to complete, and I kept them under the dryer for 10 minutes. Overall I liked this design, but the pink turned out to be a little lighter than I initially wanted.


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