Bell schedule changes, advisory-like period to begin 16-17 school year

Changes are coming to the 2016-17 school year that will cause the daily schedule to change. Administrators have decided to change the school start/ dismissal time, as well as adding an advisory-like period to the day.

The new period or “Pride Time” is dedicated to creating time for teachers and students to meet, in which the time can be used in the following ways:

Student struggle — Students who have missed assignments, late work or low grades will be required to report to the class in which they are struggling in.

Enrichment/ Passion — Students who are not struggling in classes will be allowed to choose something that they are interested in and venture to the classroom where that activity will be held. Principal Jimmy Casas hopes students will be able to find an interest to attend every day.

Academic support — Students who would like to receive support, catch up on work, or speak with a teacher can use this time to do so.

“Pride Time” will be 45 minutes, Tuesday through Friday, with Advisory moving from Wednesday to Monday. Advisory will no longer be after first block, but will be moved to after third. In Advisory, students will either decide what class “Pride Time” will also take place after third block. Fourth block will begin after “Pride Time.”

The daily schedule will also be changing. In order for each department to meet in the morning, more time needs to be dedicated to these meetings; therefore, the school start time will be pushed back until 8:25. This means that dismissal will be at 3:20, shortening the day overall by five minutes. The new period will also force classes to shorten from 90 minutes to 75.

Casas says that the 10 minute passing period and lunch hours will stay the same.

“Schools are looking at this,” Casas said.

It's all part of the new “Common Core” curriculum, and it’s something schools may be turning to.

But reactions are mixed. Some teachers and students aren't wanting to see the change because of shortened class times.

"I would want to see why they don't want to see this happen,” Casas said.

Junior Lacey Clark says she has positive and negative feelings about the period.

“I like the idea of having time during the day to talk to teachers,” but Clark says she doesn't think it will be useful to her next year. She also added that “classes are shorter so it takes away some of the material we need to learn for the final.”

The time lost is equivalent to losing 11 hours and 15 minutes per quarter, almost two days in class time lost per year for just one class. For a regular day, four 90 minute classes cut by 15 minutes each is a one hour loss per day, five hours lost per week. Take that multiplied by nine weeks in a quarter times four quarters, that's 10,800 minutes lost or 7.5 days.

An RSVP summit was held in the March 9 Advisory to receive student opinion of what activities they would like held during these “Pride Times.”


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