Terror in Brussels

Terrorists bomb airport, subway station in Brussels. Two suicide bombers now identitifed as brothers.

UPDATE (12:51 p.m. 3/23): At least 270 are wounded and 31 dead after attacks early Tuesday morning in Belgium's capital city of Brussels.

At least three suicide bombs were denoted; two at the Brussels Airport, with one in a stopped subway train near Maalbeck metro station.

It has been confirmed that two of the terrorists, both suicide bombers in the Brussels attacks were brothers. Both were linked to to a suspect in last year's Paris attacks.

Khalid El Bakraoui, 27, detonated a suicide bomb in a stopped subway train, ​while his brother Ibrahim El Bakraoui, 30, did the same at the Brussels Airport.

Security cameras show three men, one now identified as Ibrahim, pushing three carts loaded with bags moments before two explosions, ten seconds apart, in a check-in area.

Photo released by Belgian authorites shows one brother Ibrahim El Bakraoui (center), 30, and two other suspects at the Brussels Airport minutes before the attacks.

UPDATE (12:10 p.m. 3/22): ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the attacks in Brussels.

ORIGINAL STORY: BRUSSELS, Bel. — As many as 31 are dead, with over 210 injured in Brussels, Belgium after multiple bombings at Brussels Airport and subway stations, at 8 a.m. Brussels time (1 a.m. Central time).

This comes just days after Salah Abdeslam was captured in Brussels in connection with the Paris attacks.

Authorities confirm an explosion killed at least 20 people and injured atleast 55 at Maalbeck metro station. At least 11 have been killed by the airport bombing.

The bombings are now being suspected as suicide attacks. The bombing at the airport occurred before a security checkpoint, in an area that is controlled by local authorities, not the federal government.

WATCH: Cell phone video shared by Anna Ahronheim on Twitter captures

chaos at Brussels Airport minutes after as many as two bombs exploded.

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