Additions, closings on table for future of Bettendorf elementary facilities

Parents, teachers, community citizens and board members met Wednesday night, January 20 for the second to last meeting of public input for the future of the Bettendorf Community School District elementary facilities.

Meetings consist of BLDD Architects sharing a presentation about plans for the facilities, made by prior committee meetings. Ideas have been narrowed down to six different scenarios:

Status Quo scenario keeps each school as is, making just minor adjustments. Currently, Thomas Jefferson has one class per grade, or is a one-section school. Mark Twain, Neil Armstrong, and Grant Wood are two-section schools while Herbert Hoover and Paul Norton are three-section schools.

Scenario A1 makes additions and renovations to each elementary across the district, excluding Armstrong built in 2007, keeping the same section numbers that serves present day students.

Scenario B1 closes Mark Twain and proposes transferring students to a new three-section Wood and two-section Jefferson. This also makes additions to others schools, excluding Armstrong.

Scenario C1 closes Grant Wood transferring students to Twain, which would become a three-section school and Jefferson, which become a two-section. Additions would also be made to Hoover and Norton.

Scenario D1 closes Jefferson, transferring students to Mark Twain, which would become a three-section school.

Scenario E1 closes Wood sending students to both Hoover and Norton which would become four-sections schools. Jefferson would also be closed, bringing students to Mark Twain, becoming a three-section school.

After the presentation, attendees break into small groups and fill out paperwork on what they think is best for the schools. Each group then shares their opinion to the board members attending and the architectural firm. The district has assessed the current conditions of the schools now. The district will then decide where they want to future of the schools to go. Then, the district will decide how they want to get there.

The last public meeting was held Thursday night, January 21 at Armstrong.

Read more about the story and reactions of parents and teachers in the February edition of The Growl.

Elementary facility plans courtesy BLDD Architects.

Photo Credit: Elementary facility plans courtesy BLDD Architects.


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