What to expect at Turnabout

Mark the calendars because the annual Turnabout dance is going to come up extremely quick this year; Jan. 9 to be exact. Turnabout is a dance where the ladies ask the gentlemen to be their date, unlike homecoming or prom. Because of the earlier date than most years, the committee is hard at work so the dance can be the best one yet. “The theme will consist of black and white decorations, but we’re not sure if we’re going to incorporate a black-tie feel, or more of a masquerade decor theme,” junior Carley Berneking said. “The theme will be something like ‘Light the Night.’” Berneking is the committee chair for turnabout this year. This year, the dance will be held in the lobby gym, which will allow shoes to be worn instead of taking them off before entering the dance. Another thing that will be different this year is when the tickets will go on sale. Because the dance is the first weekend after winter break, the tickets will go on sale before break on Monday, Dec. 21. The cost will be $7 leading up to the dance, and $10 the night of the dance. “We are brainstorming a lot of fun decoration ideas. We’re thinking about adding some masquerade masks and even a balloon arch,” Berneking said. “It’s a lot of fun to throw a dance together, and we are considering donating some proceeds to a charity again this year.” Last year the proceeds were split up into thirds. One third went to Maggie’s Minions, one third went to Heifer International, and another one third went to the Riverbend Foodbank. If students have a suggestion on a charity to donate to, let Berneking or any other student council member know. “We’re super excited about this dance, and it’s going to be great!” Berneking said.


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