Boys Basketball Season 2015

The boys basketball team squared off for their first game of the season Dec.4 versus Cedar Rapids Washington. I’m hopeful we will execute well, play smart,and win,” Curtis Clark said. The boys did exactly that and won the game 58-43. Then the next day they had a game against Linn-Mar losing 52-64. They start the season with a 1-1 record. Starting the games both nights were Jason Young, Adam Wellman, Joseph Martens, Cole Grothusen, and Zachary Emard. Three of the five boys are returning players for varsity and are key players for the team. Young has 16 points in two games, Wellman has 12, Martens has 18, Grothusen has 13, and Emard has 27. Since the season is just starting the team has some flaws, which were shown in the game versus Linn-Mar. “ Our biggest weakness is playing as a whole team, we could have better teamwork, and communicate,” Adam Wellman said. With weakness comes strength, and the strengths will be a key part in the team succeeding this year. “One of the team’s strengths is we have a lot of capable players, and a deep bench that can compete,” Clark said. The boys have many goals this season, with goals it helps motivate the team to reach their goal. “One of the team’s goals is to make it to state,” Wellman said. In previous years, the basketball team has been to state and has not been successful. The team believe that they can be successful this year. “I think, if we work hard we will be happy with our results this season,” Justin Hutter said. The team holds themselves to a higher standard this year than last year because they know that they are capable of being a great team.“ From past years we have had failures, the guys are realizing that and holding each other accountable.We have the potential to be the best team in the state,” Clark said. The boys basketball team is confident and plans to reach their goal of going to state. “Come out and support the boys basketball team,” Darrius Martin sai


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