I wish my teacher knew...

A number of students were interviewed and expressed their thoughts on what they wish their teacher knew. Each quote is anonymous but it gives students a chance for their thoughts to be heard. “The situation that people are going through, so they aren’t as hard on people.” “That they talk too fast, so I miss things and get lost on the lesson.” “That having a test every week is very stressful and hard when you have to balance sports, studying for other tests, and doing homework.” “That some kids don’t have enough time to do stuff or come in for help, it’s not that they don’t want to, it’s that they don’t have enough time to.” “That doing activities in class is an easier way for students to learn instead of them just talking the whole time.” “That if they relate things to the real world it easier to learn than all textbook stuff.” “That I have a lot more responsibilities because I’m in the army, so I don’t always have time to get my work done.” “That I have homework for other classes too. “That I have a job.” “That we have lives too.” “That I’m smarter than they think I am.” “How much time homework takes up and prevents from doing other activities, I was up until 2 a.m. doing homework last night.” “That everyone has different styles of learning and they should try new methods.” “What goes on in the hallways, do they know what happens when you’re not looking.” “That it’s really hard to balance two projects in one class.” “That school isn’t the only thing that we have, we have jobs, extracurricular, and sports.” “That I work until 11 p.m. almost every night, then I still have homework to do when I get home.” “That students struggle in their class.” “Some kids can’t do in-class presentations, because of social anxiety.” “Some kids don’t learn from doing a whole bunch of worksheets.” “That kids have things going on outside of school.” “That we shouldn’t have to ask to use the bathroom, we are old enough to handle ourselves properly.” “How much we go through outside of school.” “That they need to interact with their students more.” “That it’s okay for me to ask as many questions as I want because teachers get mad when I ask a lot of questions.”


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