The Growl Editorial: The SNARL

Tis’ the season to be kind. There are so many ways this time of year to celebrate the season of giving by giving back. Whether it be donating a toy to Toys for Tots or winter clothing to a shelter, or volunteering time at a soup kitchen during the holidays. There are many kinds of things students can do without having to spend any money. You could smile at someone in the hallway that you have never smiled at before. Sit with someone at lunch that may be sitting alone, or even inviting them to join a group of friends. Buy a coffee for a stranger. Offer to pay for yourself and the person behind you, or better yet, leave $10 with the cashier and tell them to use it for the following customers’ coffee. It’s a simple way to brighten someone’s day. Ask some about the story behind the season. Learn about a spiritual friend’s religious celebration. Express in interest in something important to them, and then have a better understanding about another culture’s beliefs of the season. There are inexpensive ways to show you care this season. You can write a letter to an old friend, to a best friend, or your distant cousin. All it takes is 10 minutes, some paper, a pen, envelope, stamp, and a few words of appreciation. In a world where a handwritten letter has become almost obsolete, a handwritten letter will never fail to brighten a person’s day. Can’t think of any gift ideas? One idea is making a care basket. Include in it a classic holiday movie, a snack, like cookies or popcorn, a few packets of hot cocoa and maybe a throw blanket. It’s a thoughtful gift that will make a wonderful evening for them. Spreading holiday cheer can be fun and easy. Just a simple being kind to others and singing a favorite holiday tune for all to hear. Hoping you all have a happy holiday and new year.


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