Surround Sound back in motion

Surround Sound is back in action this year. Get ready for more dancing, singing, and flashy costumes from some dedicated students. Surround Sound is a singing and dancing group, a show choir, that travels all over the state of Iowa to perform and compete against other show choirs. Surround Sound performs a total of five different songs complete with extravagant costumes, makeup and dance moves. Being able to perform a dance while in hair, makeup, a costume, and singing, is very difficult. Countless hours of preparation are put into a performance for months in advance of show choir season. “We learn our choreography in June. After this, we spend the next six to seven months getting the choreography as clean and uniform as possible. Once everyone knows the show well, we put it with vocals,” junior Lily Broyles said. Like any activity, practice makes perfect, and with each show choir practice comes a new set of areas to improve on. Zachary Malchodi, a junior, can attest to this. “Tweaking mistakes is a huge part of our practices. No error is neglected while getting judged at competitions, so we must make sure we do not neglect fixing them while at practice,” Malchodi explained. For those in Surround Sound, all of the hard work and dedication is worth it once show choir season starts. Tilor Meyer, a senior, could not be more excited for the approaching season. “For months we have been learning so much about ourselves and each other, and I am so proud of all that we have accomplished. My favorite part of show choir is competing. I love how all of our work comes alive and transforms into an energetic show,” Meyer said. Broyles’ favorite part of competitions is also competing. “The rush you get at a competition is so worth all the hours and hours of cleaning you’ve put in to make your show good. Performing in front of the other groups is the best because they do the same thing and understand how much hard work and dedication was put into the show,” Broyles said. Not only does show choir help students with their dancing and singing abilities, it also helps students in the classroom. “Show choir has helped me learn to be more accountable and how to meet a deadline. When a performance is scheduled, it does not move. You must meet that date prepared. I have also learned the skills necessary to work with many different types of people towards a common goal,” Malchodi said. Meyer also credits show choir to helping him with many different aspects of life. “Show choir has definitely made me a more confident person. Being up on stage under the lights has really forced me to come out of my shell, and without show choir I would not be the person I am today,” he said. Show choir has affected Broyles in a similar way. “All of my best friends are involved in show choir. The friends I’ve made are so important to me and make school so much more fun. Also, show choir has helped me grow in other activities like theatre and dance. It had helped me be comfortable singing, dancing, and performing,” Broyles said. This year, a junior varsity show choir has been put together, called “The Decibelles.” The Decibelles will compete at some of the same competitions that Surround Sound competes at. They were also show


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