Students decide favorite class

Bettendorf offers countless classes that can fulfill anyone’s interests. Among 30 students, Bett Growl collected data on the classes that students enjoyed the most during their high school career. “I like AP psychology because it’s fun to learn about the how complex the brain is, and how it acts,” Rachel Gist said. AP Psychology focuses on the mental processes of the brain including senses and perception. It is no doubt that this class is favored by 20 percent of the school considering how interesting the subject can be to many students. In fact, AP psychology is one of the more popular AP classes taken by upperclassmen.

On the contrary, AP calculus and AP physics are not taken by many students as compared to other classes. However, those who do take them can attest to the difficulty and dedication they share. They are only representative of under 10 percent of the pie chart. AP European History, a class that is different from most because of its focus around history, was favored by 6.7 percent of people interviewed. “Ap Euro is fun and exciting because of my interests in pursuing a degree in history after graduation. It is also very different from other classes considering that huge time span of history that is covered,” Kevin Anderson said. “In AP Euro we study some pretty interesting stuff that helped for other history classes,” said senior Hunter Shepard. Other classes like PE, CAD, astronomy, and art grabbed the attention of many students. “Astronomy is really interesting because we learn about stars, planets, and the history of how they were discovered,” Grant Nickles said.


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