Head start for early grads

Graduating early can be an exciting first step to moving on to college or starting a life. “I figured that if I am set on what I want to do after high school, a full year of effortless senior classes wouldn’t benefit me,” a Andy White said. Most of the time, seniors who graduate early are doing so to get a head start on college credits or start a fall semester of classes. However, few work full time in order to make college easier financially. “I’m graduating early so that I can work full time before I really have to start paying for college,” Connor Folkman said. Matt Smith decided to graduate early at the end of last year when he realized that he could. However, instead of starting college early Smith had another idea in mind. “I’ll be going to Kansas City and starting a business with my dad,” he said. “Theoretically, every senior could graduate early assuming that they do not need further credits in college preparatory classes. For instance, some high level institutions require more credits in foreign language or science. However, excluding that fact, every senior needs 26 credits to graduate. A full schedule all four years would yield 32 credits.” said Kristy Cleppe, an administrator. Instead of graduating early, some seniors stay in order to gain college credits with AP classes. Tylar O’Brien thought of this as an option. “Even though I’m graduating early, I still feel like I could have gotten ahead in college by taking higher level classes like AP in order to earn credits,” O’Brien said. Many seniors never think of the idea of graduating early until the end of junior year where they realized that their life would start within a year. That is when they seriously start considering it. “During December of junior year I started looking into it, but I didn’t decide until the end of the year,” McKenzie Gamble said. Graduating early might be an upcoming decision depending on what colleges a student wants to attend, or what the student’s plans are after high school.


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