Keep off winter weight

Whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain your weight, these are tips that everyone should follow.

Make sure to park the furthest in the parking lot. Just a little extra walking can go a long way.

“Set a goal and make a schedule. Also, make sure to reward yourself every now and then,” Sadie Thiele said.

Thiele, a junior, likes to work out by playing soccer for fun or on a team. Her least favorite exercise is lunges, but she feels they are worth doing.

“My everyday fitness tip is to always take the stairs, they pay off in the long run,” Thiele said.

Alex Steele, a sophomore, likes to run and likes going to the gym with friends to play basketball. He also plays flag football and recommends others get involved in a team sport, even if it is just for fun.

“The worst way to workout is by yourself because there is no one there to keep you motivated,” Steele said.

Mariah Kennedy, a senior, likes to lift and play soccer for her choice of workouts. She said running is the most beneficial way to work out but her least favorite workout is to run sprints at practice for basketball or soccer.

“I recommend walking or riding a bike instead of driving, it is an easy change and you get a lot more exercise. From an eating standpoint I cut out carbs because I felt like they were draining my energy,” Kennedy said.

Steele’s favorite, simple fitness tip is to stay hydrated and eat healthy.

“My piece of advice to remember when working out is to enjoy what you are doing.” Steele said.


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