Students decide Xbox One or Playstation 4

According to a majority of students interviewed, the Xbox one is extremely comparable to the Ps4; however, a few features set the two on opposite sides of the spectrum for some students.

“The controller in the Xbox One is customizable and just feels better in your hands,” said senior Andrew Sunderman.

Senior Nathan Spencer rebuts Sunderman’s statement saying, “The Ps4 controller lights up and is easier to use.”

Although most preferred the Xbox One, a few Ps4 fans had their own reasons including its features, ease of use, and powerfulness; However, seniors Andy Doyle, and Ian Beck enjoy Xbox One for its supported games such as Smite, Halo, Minecraft, and many more.

Xbox One just seems to be an all in one console, something that Sony has never done,” said junior Grant Mougin.

Senior Mitch Affrey agreed, adding, “Sony has a bad history not only in the game industry.”

About 75 percent of the students seem to prefer Xbox One, with the others supporting the Ps4 for various reasons.


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