Dear future self,

A time capsule is a receptacle containing documents or objects typical of the current period, placed in the earth or in a cornerstone for discovery in the future. Rodger Wilming proposed such an idea in 1998, when he was a subbing for a teacher that had quit, leaving no lesson plans.

“How this happened was a happy coincidence," Wilming said. " Honestly, It was more out of necessity than anything else."

He told his class of 2001 they were write a letter to their future selves. These letters are written about what they wanted to tell future version of themselves. And now, 14 years later the letters are being returned to the original writers as well as daughters and sons of the owner. Wilming and his colleague, Dan Eizyk used social media to track down the letters’ owners. One of the letters Wilming returned one to a student, whose mom had written the letter.

He said he would like to start another time capsule. By the time that Mr. Willming retires he will have 90 letters from one of his classes and in 10 years, those letters will be returned.

And Wilming wonders, "What would your peers write today?"


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