Freshmen's first day

As the class of 2019 enters the halls of its new school, there were many anxious faces as well as smiles throughout the building.

“My first day of high school was relaxing. Everyone did a good job making the transformation smooth from the middle school and made sure we had enough time to find all our classes,” Patrick Markovich said.

Justin Nock agreed with what Markovich said and thought Bettendorf did a good job at making everyone feel welcome.

“I didn’t feel stressed at all the first day,” Nock said

Parker Knight and Emily Sharkey were not scared at all to start their first day.

“I really enjoyed the pep rally and was already looking forward to the dances and playing volleyball,” Sharkey said.

Knight, too, was already looking forward to high school sports and the challenge her classes would bring.

“Advisory helped me feel prepared and ready for high school,” Knight said.


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