Band conquers "World Machines"

Friday nights at the high school are for football games and marching band. The marching band's theme this year is called "World Machines." This theme incorporates excerpts from “Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9," also known as the “New World Symphony." This year’s theme is quite different from marching band shows in the past.

“This year it's a lot different from the other years because it's not a familiar theme,” Jenna Bakeris said.

“The theme this year is World Machine, a majority of the moves resembling moving gears and chain reactions, kind of like moving gears on a clock. For example, at the end of the show a ball hits one member in the band and the whole band topples like dominos,” said Grant Nickles, a drumline member.

Additionally, “Since our show isn't a pop culture theme, I think it gives the audience a reason to focus on the band and music as a whole rather than get stuck on a familiar tune,” said Amanda Matthews, a marching band leader.

This also is the first year the band will be using props.

"There will be three towers, some featuring slides and some ladders. A big blue ball is passed between the color guard the whole show," Nickles said.

Band member, Angela Rozzell favorite part of band is because it is like a family to her and to Matthew’s favorite part, as drum major, is " to help all the sections and see how everyone progresses and helps each other."

"It's a work in progress and each week more props, songs, and moves will be added to make the whole show more exciting!” Nickles said.


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